Silent film with live music by Stephen Horne and Martin Pyne Presented by Bertelsmann Read more

With his granddaughter in tow, a 92-year-old man returns to his war-torn Ukrainian homeland in search of the only woman he ever truly loved. Read more

As the Iron Curtain prepares to fall, an elderly Communist patriarch must come to terms with fragmentations both political and familial. Based on the 2011 bestseller by Eugen Ruge. Read more

Watch the first two episodes of a thrilling new German series, featuring both the seedy underbelly and the sleek executive prestige of international finance. Read more

As she casts a remake of Fassbinder’s THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT, a director is plagued with indecision. CASTING is a complex and entertaining commentary on moviemaking, metacinema and set hierarchy. Read more

Marieke Schroeder’s documentary takes us on an intoxicating global tour with languid and stylish barman Charles Schumann, a legendary cocktail connoisseur of the highest order. Read more

Documentarian Jakob Preuss follows one migrant’s passionate and inexhaustible flight to freedom as he makes the journey from Cameroon to Berlin. Read more

In the 1970s, one extended family’s lazy days of idyllic summer are interrupted by simmering rivalries, a foreboding local disappearance, and thorny disagreements about the future. Read more

In a 15th-century village, two generations of women are ostracized as sacrilegious witches. This horror fable culminates in the vengeful frenzy of a hallucination-driven madwoman. Read more

After her father’s sudden death, budding 13-year-old filmmaker Johanna uses her camera to sort out fact from fiction, memory from truth. Read more

Selected by an expert jury, KINO!2018 is proud to present our latest selection of short films that represent Germany’s diversity of forms, genres and skillful filmmaking talent. Read more