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Evidence appears to mount against Karsten, after Anna, a supposed stranger, dies in his apartment in the early morning hours after a party. As suspicion grows—from his girlfriend, his workplace, and the media—his privileged world begins to unravel. Not only a dark thriller, ALL OF A SUDDEN also unspools as a scathing critique of the power of bourgeois superiority to triumph against all odds.

The party begins to wind down in the early morning, and by three a.m. everyone has left Karsten’s apartment—everyone except a mysterious woman called Anna whom he’d apparently never met before. Talking leads to kissing. Then she inexplicably collapses. In a state of panic, Karsten’s immediate instinct is to run to a nearby clinic, only to find its doors locked. By the time he returns Anna is dead. At face value his actions may seem understandable, even commendable. However, as his friends, his colleagues, his girlfriend and the police begin to probe deeper into the events of that night, suspicion grows.

Why did Karsten not call for an ambulance as soon as he realized Anna needed medical help? Had Anna, who was unknown to any of the other party guests, really slipped in uninvited? Did Karsten and Anna simply kiss or were they more intimate? His girlfriend—who was away on a business trip that evening—wants to know why Anna’s pantyhose were found in the apartment. Had they perhaps met before the night of her death?

As evidence appears to mount against Karsten, his privileged world begins to unravel: he’s demoted at work, media coverage of Anna’s death intensifies, and he becomes increasingly isolated. Then it’s revealed that Anna is the wife of a Russian factory worker, and the opportunity arises to exploit the social difference between Karsten and his alleged victim’s immigrant family. The accused killer hardens and fights back with renewed ruthlessness and greed. Not only a dark thriller, ALL OF A SUDDEN also unspools as a scathing critique of the power of bourgeois superiority to triumph against all odds.


Genre Drama
Category Feature
Director & Screenplay Asli Özge
Cinematography Emre Erkmen
Cast Sebastian Hülk, Julia Jentsch, Hanns Zischler, Sascha Alexander Gersak, Luise Heyer, Natalia Belitski, Lea Draeger
Production Companies EEE Productions, in co-production with Topkapi Films
Length 112 min
Awards Special Mention/Europa Cinemas, Berlinale 2016; FIPRESCI Award, Istanbul 2016

Asli Özge was born in 1975 in Istanbul and has lived in Berlin since 2000. After graduating from Marmara University Film & TV Academy, she directed short films and a documentary before making her feature film debut in 2009 with MEN ON THE BRIDGE. The film premiered internationally in Locarno and won numerous international awards. Her second feature LIFELONG screened in the Berlinale Panorama Special in 2013. ALL OF A SUDDEN is her first German-language feature film for the cinema.

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