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With his granddaughter in tow, a 92-year-old man returns to his war-torn Ukrainian homeland in search of the only woman he ever truly loved.

“Dear Uli. I’m going to the Ukraine. Don’t Be Angry. Dad.” Eduard Leander (Jürgen Prochnow) leaves this note for his daughter and boards a train from Germany bound for Kiev. Any child would be worried upon reading such a perfunctory message, but Uli has greater reasons for concern. The Ukraine is in turmoil. Following the fall of the pro-Russian government in Kiev, a new crisis threatens to engulf east Ukraine as pro-Russian separatists storm government buildings in Donetsk and Russian troops amass on Ukraine’s border. Also, Eduard is 92 years old. His wife has recently passed away. And he’s a stubborn man.

Uli dispatches Adele, Eduard’s granddaughter, to the train station to prevent his departure. Unable to reason with him, Adele has no choice—despite having no travel documents—but to join Eduard on his inexplicable journey. They share a compartment with Lew, a leather-clad Russian-born Ukrainian with implacable energy and enigmatic charm. He offers Eduard and Adele refuge with his politically splintered family in Kiev. His brother, Boris, is a separatist and wants Eastern Ukraine to form part of Russia. Lew favors a unified Ukraine independent of Russian influence.

As Lew’s family divisions bring Adele’s fractured relationship with her grandfather into high relief, Eduard reveals the purpose of his sudden journey. During the Second World War, he had commanded the 2nd Cossack Cavalry Squadron against the Red Army. During this time, Eduard fell in love with Svetlana, a Cossack woman. Undeterred by the fact that she may no longer be alive, Eduard, along with Adele and Lew, plunges headlong on a dangerous quest into war-torn east Ukraine to find the only woman he truly loved.

Q&As with director Nick Baker-Monteys will follow each screening:
* April 8, moderated by jury member Marian Masone
* April 10, moderated by Village Voice Senior Film Critic Bilge Ebiri

New York Premiere

Genre Drama, History, Love Story, Melodrama, Road Movie
Category Feature
Director & Screenplay Nick Baker-Monteys
Cinematography Eeva Fleig
Cast Jürgen Prochnow, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Tambet Tuisk, Suzanne von Borsody
Producers Sigi Kamml, Christian Alvart, Timm Oberwelland
Production Companies Syrreal Entertainment/Berlin, in co-production with TOBIS Film/Berlin, RBB, Family Production
Length 105 min
Festivals Sao Paulo 2017, Stockholm 2017

Nick Baker-Monteys was born in Berlin in 1964. He gained a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Stirling in Scotland and worked as a journalist for different London newspapers before moving to Berlin in 1990 shortly after the Wall came down. Since then he has worked in Germany as a writer, director and script consultant on films for cinema and television and is a guest lecturer and tutor at the German Film and Television Academy (DFFB) in Berlin. His films include: PERFECT MOMENT (short, 2006), THE MAN WHO JUMPED CARS (2010), and THE FINAL JOURNEY (2017).
Q&A on April 10th is moderated by Bilge Ebiri. Bilge, born in York, England, is a Turkish-American journalist and filmmaker. Currently, Ebiri works as a senior film critic for The Village Voice, and as a contributor for Rolling Stone Magazine, Bloomberg Businessweek and Nashville Scene. He previously has worked for Merrill Lynch, New York Magazine and Ziff Davis, LLC. Ebiri studied film at Yale University, where his thesis film Bad Neighborhood won the Lamar Prize for Achievement in Film. In 2003 he wrote, directed, and co-produced the feature film New Guy.

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